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Phoebe & Jacob’s Golden Orchard Session

Phoebe has always given off such a beautiful light ever since I met her back in high school (years ago I sadly type). I’ve had the opportunity of photographing her and her larger than life family and now capturing the love between her and her amazing boyfriend Jacob.

How did you both meet?

Phoebe: So we met in high school and he was my first kiss haha and we dated for literally one month when we were 15 then we both went our separate ways! We both went to NAU, and never saw each other because we were both doing our own thing! Then about a year after we both graduated, I was having a wine night with my mom in December and I was scrolling through Instagram and he posted a picture and I said to my mom “remember Jacob Sergent?” She said yes and told me to comment on his picture saying congrats and then he messaged me on Instagram asking if I wanted to grab a drink with him! We met up at Pomeroy’s and we just laughed and played darts and it was like 8 years never passed between us! We reconnected and became best friends and to this day I’m the luckiest girl ever to be dating my best friend!

What do you love most about each other?

Phoebe: Something I love about Jacob is that he keeps me true to myself and pushes me to follow my dreams and he’s honestly just an amazing partner in crime. He has such a huge heart, cares so much about his family, he brightens up every room he goes into because he’s got the greatest smile. He makes me laugh so hard and is my best friend in the whole world.

Jacob: I love a lot of things about Phoebe, I love her drive to succeed and her compassion for others, along with her intelligence and devotion to the ones she loves and obviously her beauty, that goofy smile and those beautiful blue eyes.

What are your passions?

Phoebe: My passion is helping my community and learning from others and making sure that all voices are heard and valued!

Jacob: My passion is being active and using my body to love life!

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